Sleeping pills Comparison

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Hypnotic drugs

Sleeping pills or hypnotic drugs are used to treat primary and secondary insomnia and other sleep disorders. Sleeping pills comparison shows that anyone can choose the right one for himself. Insomnia can occur at any age but is more likely to appear while you are getting older. It can also be a short term (up to 3 weeks), especially when caused by stress or pain, or long term problem. Both cases can be treated with certain medicines.

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Among causes of insomnia, besides stress and pain, are such as depression, drug or alcohol addiction, some diseases, heavy diet and many others. Sleeplessness itself causes other problems and affects life quality in general.Usually doctors recommend improving sleep hygiene before prescribing tablets. When choosing the right cure compare sleeping pills effect and side effects.

E.g. if you are suffering from a short term sleeplessness because of aches or pain one of the best choices could be Sominex which helps falling asleep and decreases pain. Allergy and insomnia both are easily treated with Phenergan which provides light sleep. Occasional sleeplessness and trouble with falling asleep lead you to Unisom. L-tryptophan (commonly known as Tryptophan) is the most popular sleep drug and antidepressant as well. It increases brain serotonin and positively affects on your body.

Sleeping tips

Even when taking sleeping drugs remember of sleeping hygiene. Most rules you know since being a child, just to remind: no caffeine in the evening, less alcohol and nicotine, more exercise, walk in the evening and a good bed. It should not be hot in your bedroom and it should be silence or pleasant music if you wish. It sounds easy but still in some countries medications are prescribed in 95% cases of insomnia. Some sleeping pills are sold without prescription.